St. Francis Xavier - The Oratory

24th and Green Street, Philadelphia PA
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Photographed by T K Sharpless, 27 February 2010.  
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Images  (c) copyright 2010 Thomas K Sharpless, all rights reserved.

Spherical panoramas (Flash format, 9 MB)

    from Altar
    from Choir Loft

Ultra-wide flat views in general Panini projection
    Altar from Aisle (133 x 85 degrees)
    Nave from Altar (150 x 100 degrees)
    Apse from Altar (160 x 100 degrees)
    East Transept from Altar (127 x 97 degrees)
    Altar from Choir Loft (145 x 85 degrees)
    Organ from Choir Loft (133 x 102 degrees)