One Photo, Three Perspectives

"wide angle"



These images from a panorama of the Campidoglio (Rome) were made with Hugin's panini-general projection, at 3 different horizontal compression settings.  All cover the same field of view, whose true width on the panorama is 100 degrees.  The vertical field of view at image center is 81 degrees; vfov at the edges varies according to the perspective.

Left : rectilinear (normal lens) projection (Hcmp = 0).  Simulates a wide angle lens with the camera close to the buildings.
Center: cylindrical stereographic (standard Pannini) projection (Hcmp = 100).  Simulates a portrait lens with camera farther back.
Right: cylindrical orthographic (maximum Pannini) projecting (Hcmp = 150).  Simulates a telephoto shot from an even greater distance.

Slight bending of some diagonal lines in the pavement is almost the only clue that the 2nd and 3rd images are synthetic perspectives, not real photos.